What Does 2020 Bring?

Two years ago, I had a ‘word of the year.’  It was a word to describe how I would enter into everything I did.  That word was sharpen.  Last year, I never even thought to pick a word…or a resolution for that matter.  My oldest daughter, McKenna, had just been through a hurricane and we went down in December to help do cleanup on her house.  It was just the furthest thing from my mind.  A few weeks ago with the hustle and bustle of 2019 almost behind me, I decided to sit down and pray about where God wanted to take me for the upcoming year.  This led to a new word:


I’ve done a lot in 2019.  While I wouldn’t say I was disengaged, I would say that sometimes my attention was divided.  I give a little here, a little there, spreading bits of ‘Erin-time’ over a lengthy list of projects without really giving full attention to any one thing.

I like to read, but was I really taking the time to absorb the words?  I like to have conversations with my children; was I putting down the phone to listen to what they were saying?  I enjoy writing, so was I making sure that the time spent was uninterrupted and focused?

2020 is where it changes.  This year is calculated, because quality needs to mean something!

While I absolutely loved my hobby job, Boudin’s needed to go for a bit.  My last day was the 26th of December.  I’ll miss my co-workers there, but my allegiance was divided between two jobs and my daughter, Peyton, still in high school.  And while one of my jobs is from home, we all know how work from home does NOT mean I can just stop what I’m doing and take care of my kid!

Because I work better with a written schedule, I have times written in my planner in 2020 for prayer time, for bible study group, and for date nights with Peyton.  I have writing scheduled, and I’ve rearranged my office space (and times) so I have the least amount of distractions while maximizing the times with my family.  We’ve even planned a family cross-stitch project!

I want to enjoy good quality friendships and family time.  I want to spend quality time on the hobbies I love.  I want others to feel quality interaction with me.  And I want my time spent with God to be time well spent…a time of maturing and growth that leads me closer to Him which in turn leads others closer to Him, as well.

Do you have a word you want to represent 2020?  How about a resolution or commitment?  Share in the comments below!


Word of the year

One thought on “What Does 2020 Bring?

  1. Erin, my “word” for the new year is similar to yours in that as I do this more and better, it will improve the QUALITY of my study, writing, family time, etc. It is LISTEN. I am bent on being a better listener than I have been before. Thanks for sharing. Trisha


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