On Memorial Day this year, I joined several other people at the gym I attend and we completed the Murph WOD.  This particular workout is in honor of a serviceman who gave his life for our country.  It is difficult.  It consists of a 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, and another 1 mile run. 

Seeing as how I can barely get myself to a regular workout, I had prepared myself for only doing part of it.  However, somewhere towards the end, I was challenged by Emily to just finish it out.  And we did…together!  It was a big accomplishment to me.

When I went home to tell my husband, I explained to him about how I had modified some of the exercises (because I’m certainly not strong enough to do 200 straight pushups).  But when I really started to think about how much work I had done, I thought, “why am I minimizing my accomplishment just because it doesn’t look exactly like everyone else’s?”  Modifications are meant to be for those who want to do it but may not be capable of doing it the ‘standard’ way!  I should be proud and I don’t need to explain to someone how I had to make some changes to make it work for me.

I think about how this compares in memorizing scripture.  We work on memorizing a verse.  We repeat it over and over again, but we still need to see a word to get the rest of it out.  Maybe we have to sing it because that’s how we’ve been taught to memorize.  You could have to record your own voice, reading the verse and then listening to it!  I’ve seen multiple ways of learning something.  I’ve also seen where it just simply takes someone longer to memorize than others.  We see it as a weakness, something we have to explain away because it’s not the way everyone else does it.

I encourage you, dear friends, be proud of the studying and growing you are doing with the scripture memory.  Learning the Word of God is not a one size fits all.  What helps one may not help the other.  What matters is that you have committed to hiding God’s Word in your heart.  You have a desire to grow closer to God and understand what He says.  That is key to maturing your walk with Him!

Tell us in the comments below your best study method for memorizing scripture, and let us know which verse you’ve memorized!  And if you have memorized one yet, let us know in the comments which one you’d love to start with.  You’ll never regret it!


“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not see against Thee.” –Psalm 119:11

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