Disdain for Christmas Music

One of the women in the Bible Study I facilitate recently dropped a bomb on me.  With a slight shrug of one shoulder she said, “I hate Christmas music.” Then like a psycho, she just sat there waiting for me to respond.

I’d like to say I was kind and understanding with a grace-filled response.  Instead.  Instead, I’m sure I was slack-jawed and bug-eyed when I nearly screeched, “Are you kidding me right now?!?!?!”  I knew that there were non-Christmas-music-listening people; however, I did not know they existed within my circle of friends!  

Maybe I’m the psycho one, but I have no problem listening to Christmas music year-round. In fact, I have a “go-to” Christmas station pre-programed on Pandora. 

For me, there is something soul-stirring about Christmas music.  Not gimmicky-secular Christmas music (although there is a place for that on my play-list too).  I’m talking about the soul-stirring Christmas music that reminds of Christ’s birth, of angels singing, of wise men traveling, of God’s purpose in sending his Son, and of the ultimate gift we are given by our Heavenly Father.  Those types of Christmas songs truly speak to my heart. 

And I sing them anytime that the mood strikes me…even if it’s nowhere near December.  

In addition to studying the Word and having a healthy prayer life, I would contend that worship of God through music is one of the most effective means to build our personal relationships with Christ.  It’s an act of obedience and one that we will continue once we’re in heaven (for just one Biblical example, see Revelation Chapters 4 & 5 to see how we’ll be worshiping there).

In regards to Christmas music, it helps me remember who I am exalting and the reasons for wanting to participate in the act of worship.  For me, it’s especially impactful at Christmas so that I stay centered on my Christian walk, when society could easily distract me towards the non-essential trappings of the holiday season.  

That may not be true for everyone.  Maybe the Contemporary Christian Music does it, or Grandma’s favorite hymn, or maybe just reading Psalms with classical music in the background is what helps you focus.  

The amazing thing about soul-stirring music that exalts Jesus, is that it doesn’t have to be Christmas music.  Therefore, my sweet friend who despises Christmas music can worship just as effectively with other songs and hymns.  

We can both show excitement for singing at Christmas…without either of us being psycho! 


“Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving. Sing praises to our God on the lyre.” Psalm 147:7 (NASB)

2 thoughts on “Disdain for Christmas Music

  1. I love music of all genres, having said that, I will admit the memories which are attached to Christmas and Christmas music can be painful for some of us. The older one gets and the more “letting go” and “goodbyes for now” one experiences may cause Christmas music and celebrations to be unbearable. It might have everything to do with a grieving heart. I encourage all readers here to show some compassion to those who are now alone, particularly during the holidays. The struggle of depression gets really “real” for those now considered “elder orphans,” with no husbands, wives, children, grandchildren or family left to celebrate with. While I am a follower of the Star, I also know there are no rooms in the inn for some of us. We don’t fit anywhere socially. Christmas becomes another day on the calendar to avoid rather than celebrate. Thank you for allowing this opinion to be posted. May the Christmas promise of Hope fill all our hearts with love and compassion for others all year through.

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    1. Sweet Ann, I appreciate this insight that you are so brave to share. I understand that Christmas music (and any genre, for that matter) can bring up painful memories. I know the struggles of depression can be overwhelming…I’m in the ring with you trying to fight the good fight against that enemy. Please know that there is always room at the inn for you…I have always loved our interactions in person and online. Furthermore, I admire your passions and drive. Whether you know it or not, you are an inspiration to many and I would argue that you do fit in with many of us (I know it feels like you don’t…just try to hang on to my message that I disagree 🙂 ). I urge you to keep praising God in whichever type of music makes your heart sing…regardless of the genre. I’m praying for you and agree with you that the Christmas promise of hope can fill each of our hearts all year long. Hugs and Loves to you, Emily


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