Learning New Things

I’ve been learning something new recently.  It all started when I read a beautiful book called Finding Allah, Seeking Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi.  From there, I caught an Alisa Childers’ podcast that featured guest John L Cooper.  This in turn led me to another book, Mama Bear Apologetics.  (See what a rabbit hole can do!?)

What I’ve been researching has been the study of Christian Apologetics.  People who are Christian Apologists study the Bible to defend Christianity against objections.  Most notably they defend Christianity and the Bible from an historical perspective.   This field is fascinating to me.  I’ve been a Christian since I was a young child and have grown up learning the Bible.  However, when I watch or listen to apologists interact with such immense knowledge of the Word of God and the time surrounding Jesus on Earth, I realize how little I know!

There is a verse that keeps coming up in my research and reading:  All Scripture is inspired by God and beneficial for teaching, for rebuke, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man or woman of God my be fully capable, equipped for every good work. –2 Timothy 3:16-17

While not all of us will want to study the ins and outs of the culture at the time, the timeline of historical documents or other relevant history, we all have a responsibility to study the Word so that we may know it!  The Bible is our road map to how we should live, and when we hold tight to it, studying and immersing ourselves in the growing of that knowledge, we develop a deeper and richer relationship with God.  In turn, this allows us to do as we were called to do and share the Gospel with those around us!

When we dig into our study of the Word, much like the Apologists, we have a depth of knowledge that can allow us to plant the seeds for God’s Kingdom.  When we know the Word, we can answer questions for uncertain friends who are interested in knowing why your life feels so different.  When we’ve hidden His words in our heart, we can show hope to the unbelieving family member so that they might find hope in God.

I challenge you, sweet friends, to dig into the Word.  Know what you are reading.  Understand what God is telling you.  Let’s enrich our relationship with our Heavenly Father and share the Good News with those around us!


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