Grateful for the Year

One of my favorite descriptions of 2020 has to be the term “dumpster fire.”  While it’s been tough, it was funny to conjure up the image of a stinky fire in a large dirty trash bin!  And while I’ve endured a mandatory three-month lockdown in California followed by adjusted guidelines, my child doing Zoom school, and wearing masks wherever we go, there’s also been some things I’m very grateful for this year.

I moved across country with my family to live next door to my best friend.  I accepted a different position within my company that gives me something new to learn.  I’ve spent some of the best times putting together more than five 1,000 piece puzzles with Peyton, my daughter.  I learned how to navigate Zoom so that Table 8 (my California Bible study group) could continue to meet weekly and deepen our relationship with Christ.

I’m grateful to the men and women that stepped up to the plate to help fight a pandemic.  I’m thankful for the churches that rerouted what church looks like so that people could still worship even when the doors were closed.  I’m thankful for the essential workers who endured thousands of screaming toilet-paper hoarding and Lysol-buying consumers.  I’m grateful that Walmart and other major store chains stepped up to the plate and said NO to opening on major holidays so that their employees could have time with their families.

While I’m ready for 2020 to be done and excited to see what God has for me and my family next year, I honestly don’t think I’d trade this year for anything.  Our Father has been so good to walk me through this trial of a year.  He has never left my side, no matter how far he may have felt from me at times. My prayer for you, Iron Porch, is that whether you consider this year a dumpster fire or a blessing in disguise, may this new year bring peace that only God can give.


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