The Purest Love

I know Christmas doesn’t feel the same this year.  The magic in the air seems a little dim.  We’re missing our loved ones, and it feels as if it’s just another week to get through until we can put this year to rest. 

Parades were cancelled.  Holiday plans changed.  Family and friends are recovering from illness.  Some are still sick and lying alone in a hospital bed.  Churches have to be closed in some places, so there’s no sweet candlelight service to attend.  It doesn’t feel fun or inviting.  I know that it doesn’t feel this way to everyone, but I also know it feels this way to some. 

I know it doesn’t feel the same, but may I tell you there is one constant that hasn’t changed throughout this year.  It has remained in our happiness and in our sadness, in our joy and in our pain. 

That constant, the sweet thing that has never changed is the love of our Savior.

He was born 2,000 years ago in a dirty stable so that He could give you the purest love you could ever receive. It’s a love that carried Him to the cross.  It’s a love that defeats every fear and every uncertainty that we carry. It covers you in the challenging times and has sustained you through this tumultuous year.  Without that love, we would have no hope for what’s to come.

This Christmas, I pray that you know that love, and I pray that each of us feels that love from our Jesus through this Christmas and the days ahead.

Merry Christmas, Iron Porch.


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