Are You Frazzled?

This week in Wetumpka, the next town over, they had a “Kickoff to Christmas” celebration, and I definitely wanted to go!  So I picked Emily’s son up from school and she met us in town to walk the Main Street and visit Santa.  It didn’t take long (small town living), and within a ½ hour we had visited the tables and seen the sites.  As we headed back to our cars, I started talking about how I still needed to stop at the grocery store to pick up bread, go home to pick up the house and finish up food since it was my turn to host the family dinner night.  Emily looked at me and said “Stop being so frazzled.”  It seemed like such an easy suggestion and actually kind of funny, but on my way home, I started to think about how frazzled I’d let myself get over my list of things to do.

There are many times this year where my list has grown long and full of checkmarks to be filled in.  But sometimes, that list doesn’t leave enough room for my quality daily time to spend with God. 

I’m thankful that I’m leading a great Bible study that’s going through Psalm right now.  We’re learning about what it means to meditate on scripture and really soak in God’s Word.  Because of this, it really reminds me of how important it is to reflect on who God is and what He’s done.  The more time spent in prayer and study of Him and His Words, the more calm I feel.  My long list of to-do’s would feel more manageable if the first checkmark I fulfilled every morning was my time leaning into God’s word.

“I will meditate on all Your work, and on Your deeds with thanksgiving.” –Psalm 77:12

When I’ve meditated on the grace and mercy He’s provided to me, the peace of God covers me.  It allows me to know that He will provide the time I need through the day to get things done.  He will see me through.  If I can’t get through it all, He sustains me as I reach further.  And if it has to go on tomorrow’s checklist, I’m thankful He’s allowed me to get done what I could.

During this busy holiday season, I encourage you to remember Psalm 77:12.  Take time to meditate on His work, and trust Him to help you stop being so frazzled!


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