How Desperate Are You?

Did you know that it’s hard to find Fresca?  And it’s been hard to find Fresca for months now?  I know…this seems horrifying.  Please don’t go blowing up Coca-Cola’s email address.  They’re working hard to try and get it back but it’s going to take some time.  Pandemic protocol requires excellently flavored drinks to disappear from shelves.  Weep with me.

I check Amazon to see if it’s being sold at non-highway robbery prices, and I check my Walmart Grocery link to see if my local store happens to have it.  And yesterday I hit the jackpot!

My grocery-pickup Walmart in Wetumpka had it and within 3 minutes of checking and seeing it was there, I raced to purchase Fresca before someone else did.  Now mind you, it’s a 22-minute drive to get there.  Twenty-two minutes in which I called my mom and legitimately asked her to pray that there would still be some. (God says we can ask for anything.)

I hit the aisle, looked around and found it!  One.  Lone.  Bottle.  I was thrilled.  I grabbed just a couple of other truly essential things, went to the self-checkout lane and scanned that beautiful bottle of delicious drink.  And then opened my purse…to find NO WALLET.  I had left it sitting at the house.

I’ll spare you the remainder of the long story, but what ensued was moments of digging through my purse and then my car for even some change to purchase just the soda.  Followed by a conversation with the local branch of my new local bank in which I verified 67 things (because my driver’s license is kept in said wallet) to get some cash out to go back to the store to purchase the ONE DOLLAR bottle of Fresca.  Me thinks I was desperate.

How desperate are we to run to God?  Are we racing to get closer to Him, seeking His comfort and peace?  Do we grab for every little piece of Him that we can find, poring over His word and praying for direction? Or are we lackadaisical about it…getting to Him when we have a few minutes here or a few minutes there? 

“Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face continually.” –I Chronicles 16:11

We are to be looking to Him continually.  And I would even go as far as to say AS FAST AS WE CAN!  The faster we are to run to Him, the quicker we hear His direction and the sooner we can follow His commands in immediate obedience.

I pray that we are desperate to seek Him.  I pray that we race to Him with breakneck speed!  I encourage you to be as excited to run to Jesus as you are for the earthly things that are temporary.


One thought on “How Desperate Are You?

  1. I can so identify! You make a great point. Also, my grandpa introduced me to Fresca many years ago and I still like it and watch for it! Yes, I’d have left something behind had I rushed out on a prayer. Fortunately, God has everything we need when we run to Him, because we always come up short on our own. Thanks for your open porch. Trisha

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