Are We Ready For A Feast?!

You know that moment when you think you’ve made plenty of food for everyone?  You’ve read the recipe and you’re sure there is enough to go around.  And do you know that moment when you’re eating dinner when everyone looks at you like, “Is there more hiding somewhere we don’t know about?” Ya….so that happened to me on Monday.

Now that Emily and I live across the street from each other, we are intentional about planning ‘family style’ meals a few times a week.  We meal plan for the upcoming week and take turns hosting.  It’s fabulous, because we enjoy each other’s company and we get some nights off from kitchen duty!

Monday night, I decided to make philly cheesesteak chili.  The recipe made, I thought, more than enough and everyone got ready to dish.  Except there wasn’t enough.  Everyone took a reasonable portion (and by reasonable I mean small).  We all got to eat, but there definitely wasn’t enough to go around and both Chris and Jeromy spent the evening foraging for additional snacks.  I’m still getting teased about it two days later.

The thing is, I didn’t want leftovers.  We don’t eat leftovers like we should.  Instead, it plants itself in our refrigerator only to grow a small forest of fungus until I decide to clean out my fridge…or I run out of Tupperware and have to go in search of more.  So I only made just enough.

Do we treat our time with God the same way?  Do we put in ‘just enough’ time to make us feel like we did our duty as a Christian?  I can recall many times where I picked a devotional because it was short and I could get through it quickly.  Sure, it was because I had ‘so much to do.’ In reality, my so much to do was actually extra tv time or text time or sleep time. 

Are we only doing enough to get by or are we preparing ourselves as if it’s a feast?  God’s Word and the time spent with Him is rich.  There’s much to glean from the knowledge of the Bible.  There’s nothing like sitting quietly, praying to your Heavenly Father and feeling the peace of the Holy Spirit calm your soul.

I encourage you to not do just enough.  Prepare, dear friends, for a feast!


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