Stop Budging

For me, budgets are meant to not budge.  As in, I better figure out where every dollar is going and spend it according to my spreadsheet that is neatly typed in an Excel spreadsheet.  I’ve gotten pretty good about recognizing the difference between a need and a want and where something might fall into my budget.  As rigid as I am in my desire to stick to my budget, I should be the same way with my dedication to my Christian life with Jesus.  It can be very easy to waiver in a life lived for Him one “transaction” at a time.  I know.  I’ve been down this road.

Living a life that treats my body as a temple and trusting Jesus to create good and honorable desires in my heart can seem daunting.  Christians tend to be stuck on the ‘major’ sinning points, like drinking, swearing, and sex but we forget sometimes that God told us to love our neighbor as ourselves and forgive.  We forget that those are sins of the flesh, as well.  I will never judge someone who drinks, smokes, curses, has sex without being married, etc.  I’ve done it.  As a Christian, I’ve done it all.  But no matter how far I’ve strayed, God has always turned me back to the verse, Romans 12:2.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

When I’ve fought with temptation, I remember this verse.  It helps remind me that while I live in this world and I have family and friends in this place, my mind should be renewed in Christ Jesus as to what HIS will is, not mine.

I know that people have struggled with this idea.  “Where does it end, Erin?  When do you say no?”  My answer is an easy one for ME.  It says don’t get drunk, so I don’t get drunk anymore.  It says to treat my body as a temple, so I choose not to smoke anymore, and I haven’t had a cigarette in years, anyway (so that’s an easy one)!  The bible says my speech should be honoring to God, so I try to watch my mouth, my mean words, and my cursing.  Am I perfect?  Absolutely not!  It’s a struggle every day.  No sex outside of marriage?  Well, that’s either a do or a don’t, so I made the choice to honor God in that.

Is that what you should do?  I can’t answer for you, but I would say if you’re struggling with how to stand your ground and not budge on what God desires for you, then call on His name and talk to Him.  He’ll guide you to where you need to be.  Trust Him.  He knows and wants what’s best for you.

How about you?  Is there anything you’re struggling with giving to God that we can pray for?  Let us know in the comments below.


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