The Instruction Manual

Instructions are so tedious, aren’t they?  There are some instructions that we sit down and follow to the letter; you know the kind.  IKEA items are high on that list with 4,237 parts to assemble the perfect three-legged stool.  Blenders are not.  Do you really need to read the instructions on how to assemble it?  Turns out you do.  Peyton wanted to make smoothies, so I purchased a blender.  (Never mind that we had one tucked away in a closet that I was told about AFTER said purchase, but that’s another blog.)  As Peyton was putting it together, she didn’t realize she was missing the rubber gasket that would prevent leaks from happening.  It wasn’t until I ran down the list of parts and instructions on assembling with her that she realized that the rubber “thingie” was needed to make sure her smoothie didn’t run all over everywhere.

The bible is our instruction book.  We need to be examining it and reading it as we get ready to face our daily challenges.  In it, the Lord provides wisdom and guidance on how to handle anything!  From figuring out how to trust to learning how to navigate a loss, His direction and instruction is in there for us to soak up.  Without making sure you’re “fully assembled” and ready to go with the Word of God at the start, we miss out on the opportunity to complete our journey in the steps that we take in any given situation.  The journeys, along with the directions we receive out of the bible, help us to cultivate a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

I encourage you and challenge you today to open your instruction manual that is the Word of God!


Pouring strawberry banana smoothie from the Vitamix. | Strawberry ...

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