The Amazon Notification

I got my first notification that my order of books from Amazon had been shipped just three days ago.  Yesterday morning, I got the notice that it was being delivered between 9:45-1145.  I then followed it as the driver was 8 stops, then 6, then I was the next house.  When I got the picture in my email of my delivered package on my front porch, I was elated!  How silly is that for me to track this package so meticulously.  It’ll get to my house one way or another, but I feel like it builds up the anticipation as it gets closer and closer.  Does it really take that long to drop off a single package?!  Get back in your truck already, Amazon Man!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had all of our good moments delivered with notifications that it’s just around the corner?!  You’re having a bad day, but Jesus is opening the door for a raise so He notifies you, “Good news just around the corner, Erin!  Just hang in until tomorrow between 2-4pm!”  You’re struggling with depression, and ‘DING!’—“I know you’re having a tough time, but in the middle of the night tonight, I’m going to remind you of a verse, and it’ll give you some peace to help you sleep. So stop worrying.”

You know what I’ve found happens when I get those notifications from Amazon?  It’s not anticipation like I would think.  It’s impatience.  Why can’t it come faster!?  Why is it taking forever?  Prime said it would be yesterday.  WHERE IS IT?!  The notifications leave little room for surprise when I open the door to go outside and talk a walk and there is my package ready for me to open.

I don’t think I could bear the notifications of good moments.  There’s something special about trusting in God even on your worst days, believing that He will provide when the time is right at just the right moment.  We don’t need a heads up.  We just need to trust.

I’ve written a lot about trusting Him lately.  I think it’s because it’s one of the hardest things to do for me.   I want to trust Him desperately, but it would be nice if He did as I needed on my timeline and how I want.  Pretty selfish view, isn’t it?!

Friends, come to the Iron Porch and share what you need to trust Him with!  Let’s all repent together and lean into complete and total trust in Him!


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