A Hungry Soul

“Do NOT come into this kitchen.  I’m making something that’s a surprise.”  That’s what I was told around noon today by Peyton.  Never mind that my office is the room next to the kitchen, and the only way out is THROUGH the kitchen.

This week for her has been a week of trying new things.   Cooking seems to be something she’s really enjoying at the moment, and we’ve definitely reaped the rewards.  On Monday, as I was hosting the Table 8 Zoom Bible Study, she was busy making a homemade apple pie.  (Even the crust was scratch.)  Today, her surprise?  Beautiful and delicious pretzels.  And can I just add she made a homemade cheese sauce for dipping.  I was thrilled!  As the aroma of some kind of bread was drifting throughout the house, I informed her she’d be lucky if she got to taste any of whatever she was making if I got to it first! She was so proud of herself!

I love that she’s been trying new things, and her desire to start cooking actually made me think of a verse I’d seen in Psalm 107:

For He has satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungry soul He has filled with what is good. –Psalm 107:9

Now, don’t judge here.  I know the psalmist wasn’t talking about all the apple pie or pretzels you can eat.  But God feeds our souls in the same way.  Our bodies need fuel to survive and to survive well.  God not only provides us with the sustenance that maintains our physical life, He provides the nourishment we need for our spiritual lives.

Every day, when we open our bibles, we take a bite.  When we cross-reference a verse, we eat a portion.  When we converse with our heavenly Father through prayer, we are filled up with daily bread.  When we cry out to Him in our trials and praise Him for His perfectness, we are satisfied with His provision.

Thank you, God, for the perfect portion of what is good.


The Perfect Pretzel

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