I’ve seen God’s provision first hand over the last several weeks.  It’s been encouraging to witness and confirms my belief that God still provides for His children….even when it feels like it’s so crazy out in this world today.

As everyone’s has been stockpiling food and necessities, the thing that was worrisome for me was my oldest and having a need of diapers and formula for her newborn.  Formula flew off the shelves and couldn’t be ordered on Amazon.  Target was out.  Walmart had nothing left.  Diapers couldn’t be found.  But before I could worry about it, McKenna reminded me of the gift from just a few weeks ago.

Shortly after Kalan was born, our family made sure that she had several large boxes of sizes Newborns and Ones to accommodate a new baby.  Rather than just give her a pack or two of wipes, several of us had each purchased a box of wipes so she wouldn’t have to worry about making extra trips.  And the formula?  Her father-in-law had a co-worker who had several unopened cans of formula that she no longer needed and wondered if McKenna would need them for Kalan.

Yes, to the average eye, it may just appear that it was stuff that we would have purchased for a newborn anyway.  But the fact is we didn’t NEED to purchase the larger boxes with more for Kalan.  The lady that gave McKenna the formula had no idea that just two weeks later, a pandemic would hit and formula wouldn’t be found.  These are things that God provided at a time just prior to when they would be needed.

Our God provides, dear friends.  He says in Psalm 34:10, “The young lions do lack and suffer hunger; but they who seek the Lord shall not be in want of any good thing.”  When we need, He provides.  It doesn’t always come in ways that we see right away.  It isn’t always immediately noticeable.  But it can be seen when we open our hearts to God’s love and provision.  Trust His provision.


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