A New Grandbaby!

I just met my newest grandson, Kalan.  He’s so perfect in my eyes.  I always say that you love your children, but grandchildren are just so special!  To see a little piece of your own child in the little ones they’ve brought into this world, reflecting how they’ve grown up, is beyond compare.

As we prepared for his impending birth both McKenna and Indy, her husband, were hoping the bundle of joy would be born on a Friday night.  With her first pregnancy resulting in an incredibly quick labor and delivery of Andros, there was hesitant confidence this would be just as fast.  If she went into labor after Indy got off work on Friday, the three days he was given for father-baby bonding time would mean he could have a total five full uninterrupted days with his family to begin a new normal with two small children.  However, there was a bit of disappointment when the doctor told them on Wednesday she was going to be induced and they were going to do it Friday morning.  There was no telling how long labor would last with inducing and he was going to have to take Friday off to be with McKenna as the procedure began.

Prayer team—ACTIVATE!  The prayer team of family and friends was initiated, and we prayed fervently for 48 hours that if McKenna was going to be induced on Friday that the labor would go quickly.  We prayed for not only a healthy and safe delivery, but also that Indy would have as much time as he could with his family.

And of course as only God can, He delivered.  McKenna delivered just three hours after starting induction and they were able to enjoy those first few precious days!  This scenario just reminds me that God hears and knows our prayers.  He tells us to ask, that He knows even before we ask (Matthew 6:8).  Our Father just wants us to seek Him in our needs.

Prayer can not only bring the will of God into your life but also the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with Him.  Prayer can change how you view your life around you.  It can else be a benefit to others who see your desire to put Christ at the center of all of our requests, pleas, and adorations.  Seeing strong Christ-followers looking to Him for all of their needs can encourage surrounding people to look to Him for their answers.

I encourage you, dear friends, to take the time to pray to Him for everything in your life.  He wants us to know Him.  And while the answer isn’t always what we want, there are moments like Friday, February 21, 2020, where your answers can be oh so sweet!



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