Set the Pace

I stood on the balcony of our room on the ship and watched the ocean pass by at what appeared to be a snail’s pace.  It seemed as if we were barely moving.  I’m unfamiliar with how fast a cruise ship actually goes, but I was sure it needed to be faster than the speed we were going if we were going to reach any of our ports!  But somehow every morning we arrived on time.

Sometimes, I look at the race I’m running for Christ and wonder the same thing.  Am I even really moving?  Am I making progress, growing closer to Him?  It feels like I’m not really gaining any traction in my pursuit of a Godly walk, and it can be discouraging.   I want to see big victories and huge advances in thoughts and feelings.  When I struggle day after day, I feel like I’m just not making any headway.  This ship reminded me of a beautiful truth.

Even if it FEELS like I’m not going anywhere, I’m still moving forward if my eyes are on God.  He is guiding me at a slow and steady pace, a pace that’s set just for me.  Struggles don’t just disappear.  Victories aren’t always big.  When I seek Him and have Him set the speed, He advances me at the rate I need so that I can grow confidently and with purpose.

Thank you, God, that you know where we need to be and when we need to be.  I pray that we always look to You to set the pace, trusting that You know what we need to get to our next destination.



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