Late to the Game

I feel sometimes like I’ve come late to the game.  I knew I had a calling in my life to minister to women, specifically to women who felt broken or sometimes unworthy.  But it never really occurred to me to give it a “face” or to even just actually move forward with the vision from God!  I had helped in bible studies, facilitated DivorceCare classes, and met with women to mentor but felt like God saw it bigger even when I didn’t.  It wasn’t until Emily pushed me out of my comfort zone and said “God said we’re doing it, so we’re doing it” that Iron Porch was created.  I was 39.

I was reminded of that feeling when I read Matthew 20:1-16 a few weeks ago.  It’s the parable of the landowner who went and found workers in the morning, in the afternoon, and again in the evening, paying them all the exact same thing at the end of the day…even the ones who only worked an hour.  The idea behind the parable was two-fold.  And while both ideas are important, this is the one that stuck to me.

There is reward in the willingness to serve whether you come early or late.

It’s ok that God put it in motion at 39.  I could’ve started sooner.  Maybe I should’ve started sooner.  But God’s timing is always perfect.  And the Holy Spirit gave the conviction at just the right moment to begin when it was supposed to begin.  Perhaps at 30 or even 38, I wasn’t ready.  God was still shaping that desire to serve women.  When I start to feel like I wasted years, I can read Jesus’ words in Matthew and be encouraged that God sees my heart to serve, not the length of time I’ve served.

How about you?  Share at the porch a time that Jesus has told you “now is the time” no matter how late to the game you felt.


God's timing is always perfect.

3 thoughts on “Late to the Game

  1. You always know what to say, Erin! God has given me a vision and is slowly revealing it to me over the past year.
    I think your are right on target with it all being God’s timing! I am almost 40 years old and I still have so much to grow and and learn from Him!
    Praise the Lord, he still calls the willing!

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