I kept telling him to come into the living room with me instead of staying in the kitchen.  And every time I’d hold out my hand and say, “Andros, let’s go into the other room and play,” he would stiffen up his arms and yell “NO!”  He wanted nothing to do with what was in the other room.  He didn’t understand I was trying to take him somewhere that had toys and safer objects to play with.  What was important to him was that he found the kitchen fun, and banging drawers and cabinets was what held his interest at the moment.

Andros, my grandson, is almost two, and it amazes me even still how quickly he can get into something that’s off-limits.  I wasn’t trying to make him stop playing.  But the house I live in is older with ancient kitchen cabinets.  The drawers are heavy and not on tracks to keep them steady.  One good lengthy pull, and Andros would’ve pulled the heavy drawer out with all of the utensils and kitchen gadgets.  Opening and shutting the sink cabinet gave him access to the cleaning supplies that I haven’t had a need to child safety-lock in many years.  I wanted him to enjoy his time, but I wanted that sweet child to enjoy it safely without the potential harm that could come to him.

I’m often the same with our Heavenly Father.  God wants to keep us safe and protected.   It doesn’t mean we won’t have trials.  But it DOES mean that He’s guiding us, holding out His hand to lead us in the path that will bring us closer into relationship with Him.  That relationship allows us heart and soul protection from the dangers of this world.  And often, I stomp my foot and tell Him “NO!”  The desire to control what I want to do and ‘play’ where I want to play takes over, and I become the two year old child who thinks they’re having fun where they’re at instead of trusting the Father to lead me to what’s better.

I pray, dear friends that we can all recognize that God is leading us to better, no matter what we think is right in front of us at the moment.  If you’re in a situation where you’re telling Him “No,” ask God to soften your heart to trust Him with where He’s leading you.


Good morning, everyone!

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