The Stolen Truck

“The truck was stolen!”  The words over the phone were hurried and irritated, breathless from Chris walking to the back of the store.  His co-worker had asked him where he went for lunch since his truck was moved, and after quick back-and-forth banter, Chris realized she wasn’t joking about his truck not being where it was normally parked.  Our truck had been stolen from the front of his store in the middle of the day as Chris worked his shift.

Someone had come around 1 pm and, with people walking around the shopping complex, opened the locked door and hot wired the vehicle.  No cover of night or disguises.  In plain view, they had hit us where it hurt.

Satan can often attack the same way.  While many of his assaults are subtle, others can happen in broad daylight.  We don’t expect for him to attempt to trip us up with something so obvious, when often times, the obvious is where we DO get tripped up.  In this midst of working on your marriage, a “friend” contacts you and propositions you.  You’re starting out on your usual rush hour commute, but having a bad day—every person who cuts you off gets the middle finger.  A group of you are having a discussion about religion and before you realize it, you’re yelling at the person who claims Jesus was a fraud.

These may seem silly but every one of those can are very real scenarios.  We’d like to think that as Jesus followers, we wouldn’t be tempted to act sinful.  But it happens every day.  Does it mean we’re beyond redemption?  No.  Does it mean Satan knows where to hit us?  Absolutely.

We need to have our minds consistently on Christ to help protect us from not only the sneak attacks but also the obvious ones.  While it doesn’t exclude us from sinning, a fervent walk with God can protect us from such offenses.

Daily prayer keeps you in conversation with Jesus.  Daily Bible reading or meditation on scripture keeps communication flowing between you and Him.  The Holy Spirit wants nothing more than to help you put on the Armor of God to keep you safe from the fiery arrows of the devil.  Let Him help you suit up as you take action in dialogue with your Heavenly Father.

Attacks from Satan are painful whether they are surreptitious or straightforward.  Remember Colossians 3:2-3 as you work towards keeping even the blatant attacks at bay.

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.  For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”

Are you currently under attack by Satan?  Let us know how we can pray for you in the comments below.


Set your mind on things

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