Guest Blogger (18 August 2018)

The purpose of the Iron Porch is to allow a space for women to come share with one another without the fear of reprisal and judgment. It’s a space that we felt God wanted to provide, so that women could encourage and comfort one another.  After prayerful consideration, we would like to encourage potential guest bloggers to submit a post for consideration.  These guest blogs will be posted under ‘Fe Sharp’ rather than ‘Erin’ or ‘Emily’ and we will attempt to feature one a quarter.

On Saturday, we will be posting an entry from a woman who has had the incredible delight and challenge of being a military wife.  At this time, she is electing to remain anonymous, but her heart is filled with the Lord and she has a wonderful perspective on the unique calling of being a military spouse.

Please join us on the porch this weekend for our second guest blogger.

~Emily & Erin

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