Guest Blogger This Weekend

The purpose of the Iron Porch is to allow a space for women to come share with one another without the fear of reprisal and judgment. It’s a space that Erin and I believe God wanted to provide, so that women could encourage and comfort one another. After prayerful consideration, we both feel that there will be occasions where other women should be afforded the opportunity to blog what is on their heart. This may be their only platform to do that. These guest blogs will be posted under ‘fesharp’ rather than ‘Erin’ or ‘Emily.’

On Saturday, we will be posting an entry from a woman who has had the weight of the world on her shoulders the last two years, but she has an amazing heart for the Lord. She is a beautiful mom, wife, friend….and one we are privileged to call “sister in Christ.”

At this time, she is electing to remain anonymous because of the details of her situation. However, Erin and I want you to know that she has a story to share that is filled with an amazing amount of grace.

Please join us on the porch this weekend for our first guest blogger.

~Emily & Erin

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