Prayer Warriors

I watched a prayer warrior this weekend. I wasn’t expecting to bear witness to such amazing courage, but I’m so grateful that I was there.

I attended a women’s Christian conference on Friday and Saturday. Despite engaging speakers, I found myself focused on prayer. The worship songs became my prayers, as I stood offering silent prayers. The prayer wall was unique…a chicken wire frame, where women could place their heart on a scrap of paper. The scriptures about prayer popped into my head. Towards the end of the conference, women were invited to the altar for prayer.

And that’s when I saw her.

God whispered to my heart, “Watch this Prayer Warrior.” I watched her pray with strangers who were pouring their hearts out to her. As women left, I watched her write their prayer requests down. I watched her cry with them and for them.

I was amazed by her courage, by her openness, by her example, and by her love for Christ as seen through her love of other women. I felt like God was allowing me to witness something glorious and I felt like God was standing right next to me…cheering her on. It was a moment unlike any I had experienced.

I was blessed to chat with her after the conference and she told me that the prayer team was not what she initially had volunteered to do over the weekend. She followed the direction God provided, which is how she ended up standing at the altar praying with strangers.

Please know that when we obey the directions of God, we bless others with that obedience. The prayer warrior obeyed God. She blessed the women that she prayed with. She also blessed me as I witnessed obedience and heard God’s sweet voice. Her obedience blesses you, the reader. Why? She followed God’s guidance and has allowed herself to become an example for each of us. Listen to God’s guidance for your life. Follow it.

Watch the Prayer Warriors.






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