Suicidal Dog

Before the sun is up each morning, I kiss my husband goodbye for the day and pray over my sleeping child in order to start a 40-minute drive to work. Each morning I encounter a very large fluffy white dog. Every day. About 2 miles from my house in the dark before morning, this dog runs full speed (and by full speed, I mean full speed) towards my vehicle. The members of my family refer to this canine as the “suicidal dog.”

I have never hit the dog. The dog has never hit my car. But I feel like I can hear the fur wiz by my back bumper every morning.

The first couple of times this happened, my heart stopped beating because I thought I was going to hit the dog. After a few months, I would cringe as I caught the blur of white fur coming down his driveway. Now, I stare straight ahead. I do not look at the blur; in fact, I try not to even register anything in my peripheral vision. Staring straight ahead prohibits me from breaking hard, veering off the road, or having a daily heart attack.

This dog has a passion. He has a mission. He is laser-focused on what he wants. I’m going to guess that he wants to give me a heart attack, but that’s another discussion. The point is that dog is running towards his goal with exuberance.

When was the last time I ran towards God with that type of focus? When was the last time I was so focused on God that I did not pause to contemplate the consequences of attaining the goal? God is a daily part of my life. I have daily chats with God during my commute. I teach my kid Bible verses. I text my BFF observations and questions from our Bible studies. God is part of my daily life, but is that enough? Have I always included him in that daily life with the same focus as the suicidal dog?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. I have not always made God my primary goal. But I want to. I want to be as focused as Psalm 31:1 “I run to you God; I run for dear life.”

I have found that there are seasons where I run with exuberance towards God. There are seasons when I walk slowly. There have even been seasons where I have sat down with my eyes closed…ending in the fetal position. Through every season, my God has been there…watching the pace of my race.

Here’s one of the best parts of God. He knows your heart. He knows you will be distracted and He offers an opportunity for refocus. He’s waiting for us to get up and start running again. Regardless of the season you are in or the pace of your race, if God is your focus then the prize will be glorious. All will be well; all will be taken care of.

“Do not worry about your physical well-being. People who don’t know any better run after all the things they want, but your Heavenly Father knows your needs. Run for his kingdom and his righteousness then everything that you need will be taken care of.” Matthew 6:32-33

I want to run at God like the suicidal dog runs at my car every morning.

Complete and total, wild focus on the goal.


Come to the porch and share how your race has been going…






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